Who are we

About Us 

Importin’ Joe’s Ethiopian Coffee specializes in the delivery of an impactful, culturally diverse, experiential coffee encounter. Coffee with compassion is our mantra. 

We aspire to significantly contribute to the overall improvement of any marginalized, disadvantaged or impoverished communities we are directly or indirectly associated with. 

Importin’ Joe’s Ethiopian Coffee is a minority black and woman-owned 3rd wave coffee company based in Northern Indiana, founded by co-owners Joseph and Afomia Luten. 

Whether it be three thousand cups of coffee donated to local area teachers, huge contributions to the eradication of the on-going child homelessness in East Africa, or initiating change in the local socio-economic landscape, Importin’ Joe’s Ethiopian Coffee is up for the cause! 

To ensure this happens, we at Importin’ Joe’s have committed to allocating 30% of our profits to social change and equity. 

You too can become a catalyst for change and a partner against poverty by simply enjoying a hot cup of Ethiopian Joe! Can’t wait to see you soon! 

Our Coffee 

Importin’ Joe’s sources the highest quality, specialty beans from the indigenous lands of Ethiopia where the Arabica coffee species originated. 

High elevations coupled with mineral rich volcanic soil has lended to the prestige and renown associated with our competition grade naturally processed and washed Ethiopian coffee. 

Boasting of a rich and robust flavor profile, Ethiopian coffees are historically known for their unique fruity, chocolatey, sweet and juicy notes. 

Our offerings include a collection of rotating single origin, directly traded coffee beans from various prominent coffee growing regions located throughout Ethiopia. We also offer a host of beautifully crafted single origin Ethiopian blends!